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RUCC cares Community Project is a registered NPO (041-024NPO) involved in poverty and disease alleviation as the social ministry of RUCC. It was started in 1994 by the senior pastor of RUCC Ministries in response to the increase in HIV and AIDS in our locality and other associated illnesses and social needs as a result of HIV/AIDS. It focuses on HIV/Aids, disease control (primary health care), poverty alleviation and clean water supply.

This is an NGO set up by RUCC Ministries for the purposes of poverty and disease alleviation and/ eradication through the following programs: WHAT WE DO HIV/AIDS intervention programs: Counseling and testing ARV preparation(base line blood tests, CD4 count and viral load) ARV Prophylaxis treatment Support groups Home based care Awareness campaigns Primary Health Care: Medical clinic operates daily, offers comprehensive primary health care including preventive medicine. It runs, to some extent, as a GP Practice (while awaiting registration). Patients are charged at discounted rates (nominal fee) according to their income bracket. This is to make sure that the services reach everyone. The ff are offered free of charge (in partnership with the Local Health Services): HCT and ARV preparation, TB testing and treatment, family planning, PAP smears, ANC (excluding scan), immunizations(subject to availability of stock) Mobile clinic services, go out 3 times a week to the deep rural areas where there is no or limited primary health care services.

Poverty alleviation program: Food security. We do this through kitchen gardens and ploughing of fields. This is for daily sustenance and income generation (surplus)Skills development:We identify skills (e.g. bead work) polish the skill through training and workshop and then market it for income generation. Taking care of the vulnerable group of the society: Child headed homes Elderly Orphans Abused women and kids Clean Water Supply: We drill boreholes where we found severe shortage of clean water, and also where we have planted gardens and fields; for irrigation Lifestyle modification programs: This is a new program where we encourage people on proper nutrition (young and old), exercise programs. This is to minimize prevalence of chronic disease like Diabetes and Hypertension. Child nutrition: Here we focus on the equipping young mothers in peri-urban and informal settlements, where malnutrition is a challenge, on how to feed their children modifying their very own diets. This is to curb malnutrion in our society.

Youth are encouraged to live a drug, alcohol and sex free life by the Youth Discovery team (YD). This is done through instilling values from the Word of God in dance, song, rap and other interesting youthful programs. The YD team visits schools to offer these programs. Training: Care-givers on-going trainings(on HIV counseling, Home based Care, support groups) Basic agriculture Leadership Entrepreneurship (focused more on the uneducated and the unskilled group of the society.