RUCC School Principals

0326 423605Mrs. S. N. HermanusThe first principal, Mrs. S. N. Hermanus, was appointed in November 1993. She was entrusted with the responsibility to take the school into its next phase.

Mr. Mandla HigaMr. Mandla HigaThe second principal, Mr. Jann Adams was appointed in January 2004. Then the third and current principal Mr. Mandla Higa was appointed in January 2008.

It was in his era that the school went through curriculum transition from “ACE” to “National Curriculum Statement” in short “NCS” and we are now registered under “IEB”.

1993, the first year, was a year of discovery, learning through trial and error, a year of hard work. The school started with 11 staff members and 35 students in each learning center with a total student roll of 140. In June 1993 the student roll increased to 200, and 2 staff members were added.

A special tribute to Mrs. Nomsa Phillips and Mrs. Gloria Mneno who were asked as Pastor’s wives, to help lay a solid foundation of the school.