RUCC Initiation School

initiation schoolRUCC Initiation School is a registered institution under the Department of Health. It comprises of:

  • a qualified and registered Medical Surgeon (Ingcibi)
  • Hygienically constructed Initiates’ Hut
  • Registered/professional caretakers

Over 600 boys graduated in the last 5 years without a single ad-verse incident.
The school is opened to any boys over 17 years of age from anywhere in the country.


A fee of R2500.00* is payable in full before admission.

It includes food and circumcision fee.

Each initiate who has complied with all Department of Health’s requirements can be registered in our school. They should bring the following during their admission:

  • A small mattress/sponge
  • Eating bowl
  • Spoon
  • One or two blankets (don’t have to buy new ones)
  • A bible must accompany all provision

PLEASE NOTE: An initiate will be released by recommendation of the surgeon

*This amount may vary