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Vision & Mission


RUCC Ministries has a clear mandate at this time (vision) to serve, penetrate and impact the communities in which we are located.

We seek to raise people to be spiritually sound, morally upright and socially relevant, thus bringing transformation and a sense of purpose to the lives of our communities using the word of God as our blueprint.


  • To fulfill our mandate, we aim to preach the Gospel and see as many people saved as possible in as many places as possible all over the world.
  • Disciple those who get saved and develop them into productive members of the community by creating an intentional community of believers who are growing in every facet of existence (physically, mentally, socially emotionally and spiritually) and embrace the ministry ethos and culture of excellence.
  • Participate actively within the communities we operate to bring meaningful and sustainable socio economic development and physical upliftment into the lives of the citizen.
  • We approach our mission by planting strong and very visible local churches in cities, towns and villages all over the nation with an initial focus on the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces
  • Aggressive grassroots and inner city evangelism efforts establishing community based corporate social initiatives that uplift the communities within which we operate bringing much needed social services such as education, healthcare, rural agriculture, feeding schemes, water projects, poverty alleviation, clothes distribution and disaster relief initiatives.
  • Establishing community based sustainable business ventures that employ and empower the local communities socio economically.