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A church that is serving, penetrating and impacting the nation, equipping believers to add value by being spiritually sound, socially relevant and morally upright. Our family is big enough to serve you effectively, yet small enough to know you personally and warm enough to love you absolutely.

ps Don & Nomsa Phillips
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rucc cares

WHO WE ARE RUCC cares Community Project is a registered NPO (041-024NPO) involved in poverty and disease alleviation as the social ministry of RUCC. It was started in response to the increase in HIV and AIDS in our locality and other associated illnesses.

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bible school

Rucc Bible School was born out of a Vision that God gave Pastors Don and Nomsa Phillips almost 20 years ago to raise men and women who will be well trained in the word of God and serve their communities with this knowledge and added skill.

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Agriculture is key in dealing with poverty and unemployment. It is of utmost importance for our communities to take note of the opportunities that land presents instead of waiting for hand-outs. Our region is endowed with plenty of land and labour.

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